Elephant Parade in Trier (Germany) and Luxembourg

Lill Mimi by artist Marco Weiten
Lill Mimi by artist Marco Weiten

Be welcome to meet the elephant Lill Mimi, designed by the Luxembourg artist Marco Weiten for the Elephant Parade 2013 in Luxembourg and Trier.

I received Lill Mimi a few days ago as a present from my mother, who ordered it for me after I visited Trier last year, when the Elephant Parade had just ended. I was lucky to had the chance to see most of the lovingly designed Elephants in a row in front of Triers famous roman ‚Porta Nigra‘ on a sunny autumn day.

There is a lot to know about the idea behind the worldwide Elephant Parades, created by father and son Marc and Mike Spits in 2006, who organized the first exhibition 2007 in their hometown Rotterdam, Netherlands. You can get all the information what it’s all about on the Elephant Parade Website.

Today I just wanted to express my sincere joy for this precious gift, that my 88yrs old mother remembered how enthusiastic I was about the exhibition and ordered a beautiful designed elephant replica for me. And even if she hadn’t read the artists description, she picked the perfect one:

„Lill Mimi passes on love of life, beauty, lightness of being, spontaneity, dreams. It is the bearer of the faith in the good, in love and joy. All we need to be happy is love. Life is beautyful and you’re the architect of your own life!“

…and here are some Elephant Parade photos from the last day of the exhibition in my hometown Trier…






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