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Yes, I know, I’ve just posted a new article two days ago – but, I’ve had two great days in Kentucky, and want to share a short episode about the joy of traveling by myself…

Today I went on a tour through one of the famous Bourbon distilleries here in Bardstown, Kentucky – the Heaven Hill Distillery. The tip to visit Bardstown – otherwise I’ld never have thought about a detour to this nice little town – came from the very helpful person at the Kentucky Welcome Center. It’s always a good idea, when you happen to come to a new State, to stop at these Welcome Center. They are very helpful, answer lots of questions and give you all materials you need.

On the tour we were just a few people, cause it’s off season. So at the Bourbon tasting we happened to talk a bit – I guess drinking some Bourbon in early afternoon helps loosen the tongue 😉 Afterwards I went to stroll through the small town a bit, looking for a place to get some food. I found a local Diner, exact one of the ones I love so much. I’d just sat down, when a couple from Cincinnati, who had also taken part of the tour, came inside and joined me for dinner, well they didn’t just join me, they invited me.

The friendliness of some people always amazes me, and it’s this surprising encounter I so much value!

And here comes the summary in pictures 😉

Visiting Mammoth Cave NP … it’s claimed to be the largest cave system of the world
There is a story behind this inscriptions. When the cave was explored in the early 19th century, tours were already provided for rich people from all over the country. The only tour guides were slaves, who didn’t get paid. The only way for them to ‚earn‘ some money was getting a tip for ‚charcoaling‘ the names of the tour guests on the walls. It must have taken a lot of time to do so, but some guides collected enough money to buy their freedom.

Kentucky is full of woodland, and though the leaves are nearly gone it’s beautiful!


When you drive through some woodland, you wouldn’t expect that …
I made a short stop at Abraham Lincolns birthplace and boyhood home. There wasn’t much to see actually, just a repicla of the small house the family lived in, but that gave a good impression from where he started to end up in Washington.
When I drove into the area of Heaven Hill Distillery, I wondered what this (ugly looking) buildings are used for…
…well, this – rows and rows, thousands of barrels with Bourbon to age to perfection.
At the tasting!
Cheers! My first Bourbon ever!
The Diner