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Florida Panhandle, Alabama Gulf Coast and some other places…

What I loved about Florida:
Meeting Sue and Dan! 🙂

All the different birds, especially the Pelicans. It’s very relaxing to sit at the beach and watch the Pelicans diving for fish. They are very elegant.

Butterflies – all around.


Sun, beaches, white sand, the ocean.
St. George Island and the Alabama Coast.

Bike lanes and the possibility to rent bikes.

The bridges.

The Off-season.
Meeting people on campgrounds.
Watching the sunset at the beach.

Sitting outside in restaurants!
The seafood.
The Key Lime Pie.

Collecting shells – what is it with shells? Once you start looking for the special one, you’re addicted 😉

Swimming in the Ocean, being the only one 🙂

Breakfast on campgrounds, while planning the route for the day!

What I didn’t like ….. hahaha, just forget it. Remember the good things, anything else is already forgotten!

More than two weeks of traveling already went by, I have been to many different places, drove a bit more than 2000 miles, through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky so far. Kentucky has been the 34th State I visited thoughout the years.

And you know what? I still love it. I feel good, exploring new areas, stumble accidentially over hidden treasures, like small State Parks along the roads or local Diners serving homemade food, seeing a deer on the roadside and having nice talks with friendly people on campgrounds and other places.

I’m looking forward to the next two weeks! 🙂


Graceland, Memphis Tennessee

OK, I did it, I went to Graceland – what a show!

…and here comes the galerie

I stayed overnight on a campground in Tupelo, Mississippi, which happens to be the birthplace of Elvis Aaron Presley, and this is the small house, where he was born.
Elvis at the age of thirteen

The mansion ‚Graceland‘
The dining room
Yeah, I’ve been there!!!
A small part of the music collection
The jungle room
The grave

… a few cars

Hey, what about a nice pink Elvis chrismas tree 😉

Sincerely Claudia!


Animals of the Everglades, FL

This is a short post with a link to my Picasa page, where I’ve put some photos from the great variety of animals. In the end I’ve seen more alligators than expected. One came very close to the picknick area I was spending some time reading.

I just had one short day at the Everglades NP, but it’s still out of season there, which means not so many animals to see, and lots of mosquitos. So I made the best out of it and enjoyed all the birds flying around.

Yesterday I arrived at Marco Island to visit some very nice people I actually ‚met‘ on Facebook, and I really enjoy staying here over the weekend relaxing and talking.

Yeah, again, I feel like the lucky girl 😉