Sweet Potato Pie – a travel story

USA 2015 WisconsinToday I ate the last bite of this very special Sweet Potato Pie. If this pie could tell its story, it would probably be quite adventurous. Maybe something like this:

„Back in Chicago, about a week ago, I was baked by Darrell as a dessert for a party. Darrell was not so happy with my making, he thought I’d look too dark – haha, and this from a dark chocolate brown Chicago boy ;-), so he baked a second pie. Number two was much better (in his opinion) and made it to the table in his friends house in Wisconsin as dessert. I was left behind in the car as a ’spare pie‘, in case Number two wouldn’t be enough.
Later I heard that the people made jokes about Darrell having a spare pie instead of a spare tire, in case there would be any pie emergency on the way home. Very funny!

The party must have been great – I was told later. Many nice people came together to celebrate a late Thanksgiving and meeting a visitor from Germany, who most of them already knew from former visits ….. and came anyway. 🙂 All the food was delicious, beer and wine was served, a game named Spoon was played, lots of laughter, talking, discussing was heard and people had obviously a very good time, while I was freezing in the car as a spare pie.

At some point the time came, when the last people had to go home. I was sitting in the car, waiting what would happen to me. Then Darrell came out and decided to leave me with his friends – well, I was a bit disappointed, getting out of the car, when all the fun was over. But hey, Number two, get this, you were totally gone then, and I was going to have the time of my life!

The next morning there was some packing going on, it looked like the visitor from Germany, Claudia, would leave. And suddenly she started wrapping lots of foil around me and I endet up in her suitcase among (dirty stinking) clothes. Wow, what would happen now?

There was some driving, I was thrown around a lot (luckily I was safely wrapped), and then there were endlos hours of darkness and boring nothing.
Quite some time later Claudia got rid of all the wrapping, and you probably won’t believe me, but I found myself without a scratch in her kitchen … in Germany. C’mon, you ever heard a homemade fresh pie having such a story to tell?“

Some adventurous pie I had, I felt like a lucky German girlie and enjoyed every bite of it.

More about my travel to Wisconsin and the lovely friends I found there, coming soon 😉 image

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