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Florida – Everglades

This was my second time at the Everglades NP in Florida and I’ve seen so many more animals than on my first trip, which was in early November. Back then I had stayed on the campground and was nearly eaten alive by mosquitos.

Staying in a Motel in Florida City seemed a much better idea, though there are by far not as many mosquitos this time of the year – I got stung anyway.

We drove all the way through the Park to Flamingo and took a boat trip along the shore. We were very lucky and saw dolphins, the fins of a shark, white pelicans, ospreys flying above and in their nest, many different herons and again a pair of manatees. Really amazing.

On our way back to the Park entrance we stopped at any ‚lookout‘ and endet up at Royal Palm. It was already 4pm when we started the Anhinga trail, where all the alligators were lazily lying or swimming around. Vultures, blue herons, anhingas and ducks are everywhere. Seeing an owl, a turtle  and a stork was probably kind of luck too.

As the day was just too short to see everything, we came back the next morning for another few hours, before we left the Everglades to drive up north.

Animals of the Everglades, FL

This is a short post with a link to my Picasa page, where I’ve put some photos from the great variety of animals. In the end I’ve seen more alligators than expected. One came very close to the picknick area I was spending some time reading.

I just had one short day at the Everglades NP, but it’s still out of season there, which means not so many animals to see, and lots of mosquitos. So I made the best out of it and enjoyed all the birds flying around.

Yesterday I arrived at Marco Island to visit some very nice people I actually ‚met‘ on Facebook, and I really enjoy staying here over the weekend relaxing and talking.

Yeah, again, I feel like the lucky girl 😉